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Tetra Tech and iFormBuilder

The Tetra Tech team has truly integrated the iFormBuilder platform into their organization.

Tetra Tech is a leading provider of consulting, engineering, program management, construction management, and technical services. They provide innovative solutions that are focused on water, the environment, energy, infrastructure, international development, and resource management. With 16,000 employees worldwide, the Tetra Tech team’s capabilities span the entire project life cycle.

Before iFormBuilder

The Tetra Tech team used many methods of data collection before using iFormBuilder. Traditional paper-based forms, fillable PDFs, Microsoft Office Suite, and digital pens were used as solutions to meet their data collection needs.

Now, on any given day, the Tetra Tech team is developing forms, managing data, providing trainings, and working with clients to integrate iFormBuilder into their workflow. Zapier and Esri Collector are integrated with iFormBuilder to provide incident management teams with real-time map updates and summarize data.

With iFormBuilder

Recently, the Tetra Tech team ran a functional exercise for the United States Environmental Protection Agency Region 7. The exercise, which focused on data management tools for emergency response, aimed to increase familiarity of technology that is available to field responders, incident management team members, and EPA leadership. Participating team members were able to enhance their knowledge of various shared tools, test systems, and identify improvements needed to maximize information sharing and promote decision-making.

The Tetra Tech teams have deployed Hazardous Waste Compliance forms to the San Diego International Airport, Storm Water Drain Management forms to Delta Air Lines, and Shoreline Cleanup and Assessment forms to the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality. In turn, these forms have helped all of these teams collect better data and gather better results.

As the Tetra Tech teams have continued to user iFormBuilder, they have found tremendous value in having one platform that manages, summarizes, and visualizes data that can be integrated with many other platforms. In addition to one platform, there is value in having end-to-end security, including with the offline data collection and many devices.

By using iFormBuilder, Tetra Tech is able to build mobile forms and implement workflows that bring together the knowledge and expertise of professionals into one easy-to-use platform.

Using this platform, they have saved their clients thousands of dollars by ensuring reliable outputs and automatically generating reports. iFormBuilder has given the Tetra Tech teams increased efficiency, a reduction in the number of total hours required for projects, and greater data integrity by eliminating duplicate entries.

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