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For a team of over 16,000 employees in 400 offices worldwide, Tetra Tech must have a system to capture and manage data.

Tetra Tech provides consulting. engineering, program management, and construction management services that address fundamental needs for water, environment, international development, infrastructure, resource management, and energy worldwide.

Tetra Tech is currently working with the USEPA as part of the Superfund Technical Assessment and Response Team (START). They are responsible for responding to emergencies that can range from oil and hazmat spills to natural disasters. Most recently, they are supporting Region 5 in Flint, Michigan, and Region 7 in Missouri.

In Flint, Michigan the teams were using pen and paper to collect information about residents as well as water samples. This information was not reliable and, often, plotted coordinates 4 blocks from where they actually were located. Once they transitioned to using iFormBuilder, the process changed dramatically. With the integration of the iFormBuilder and Esri platforms, the process started with teams navigating through the city using the Esri Collector App to identify houses that were in need of having their water sampled. From the Collector App, the surveyor would launch the iForm App for the remainder of the survey process.  Did we mention that Tetra Tech configured the workflow so that data would pass from the Collector App into the iForm record the surveyor was working on? Why have the user put in the same information twice when you can automate it! With the flexibility of the iFormBuilder platform, Tetra Tech was able to create different forms, such as air monitoring, container inventory, facility assessment, and residential lead for surveyors to collect all of the necessary information, photos, and additional materials.

Watch the clip above or download the slides to learn about their workflow, or watch the entire recording to see how four different teams are using the API and iFormBuilder platform.

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Bill Spiking, Tetra TechBill Spiking is a Senior Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Analyst and Project Manager at Tetra Tech. He supports various initiative and clients worldwide, specifically those related to disaster and environmental management. With his extensive training in the Incident Command System and have served as the lead GIS Analyst and Data Manager for numerous high-profile emergency responses and preparedness planning projects.”

  • Date September 13, 2016
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