Emory University

Emory University

Emory University has embraced the iFormBuilder Mobile Data Collection Platform with stunning success.

We are proud to help ensure safety at any organization– non-profit, university, and beyond. It is encouraging to see this study as it supports the idea that safety is good business — for corporations, small companies, and organizations around the world. Emory University has embraced the iForm Mobile Data Collection Platform, with stunning success. With 1500 research labs on campus, who carry out research with safety regulations related to dealing with biological, radiological or chemical hazards.

Before iFormBuilder

Auditors would use a paper inspection form made up of boxes to check during the inspection.  The form was about 14 pages long and auditors would have to input data at one’s desk later in the day. The process from inspection review to inspection report would take several hours.

Using iFormBuilder

Using the iFormBuilder platform, auditors fill out reports while in the lab. The results are immediately uploaded to the database and an email is sent to the audit investigators. Moving into the iFormBuilder platform was a no-brainer with it’s ease-of-use and time savings.

The media capture feature is a big plus for the inspectors.  Allowing them to photograph and mark up images, highlighting issues or points of interest in specific locations in a facility.  This could never be done before iFormBuilder.  As Director of EHSO Patricia Olinger states:

“iFormBuilder and the iPad platform has revolutionized our whole audit program.”

Watch the video above to learn how the iFormBuilder Platform is transforming the EHS and Biosafety auditing process.

  • Date September 9, 2016
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