Behind The Scenes of iFormBuilder (3/12/2015)

Mar 12

Behind The Scenes of iFormBuilder (3/12/2015)


Behind The Scenes of iFormBuilder: Learn about our IT-Infrastructure and Backend

Webinar Recording Overview:

As an iFormBuilder user you know the ins and outs of the application. One thing you do not have to worry about is setting up and maintaining complex environments to efficiently collect your data on our platform – that is our job! However, if you are curious about where your data goes once you create a form or upload a record or maybe want to see what we do to keep your data safe, then you will enjoy this webinar!

Webinar is designed for:

  • Anyone interested in taking a deeper dive into the iFormBuilder infrastructure.

Topics explored:

  • What does the backend of iFormBuilder looks like.
  • What technologies we use.
  • How the iFormBuilder team backs up data and restores when needed.
  • Q&A from attendees.


Additional Resources:

  1. Training Course catalogue
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  3. Customer Success Center
  4. Support Hours Overview
  5. KickStart Program (Included with every dedicated database)

Contact Information:

For more information or questions about this training,  training options available and our implementation services email:

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About the Presenter

Sven from Zerion Software teamSven Brehmer is a Database Administrator at iFormBuilder. He is a music lover, guitar player and gym enthusiast.
If you would to like know more about the IT marvels that are running under the hood of iFormBuilder, he would love to hear form you! Email Sven at